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My Oliver Family
Enoch Oliver


Enoch Oliver
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Below is the Oliver homestead in Berwick, Pennsylvania.



The oldest Oliver Family member I can accurately trace back to is Enoch Oliver. He was born July 24, 1805 and died November 25, 1854. I believe he was born in Essex County, New Jersey and moved to Beach Haven, Salem Twp in 1822.

There are records in Essex County of several Enoch Oliver, going back to 1753, which might be his ancestors, but as of yet, I have no proof.

 I believe Enoch Oliver came to Pennsylvania because a canal was being built at that time in Berwick and I believe he left New Jersey, to work on the canal. Once in Beach Haven he married a local woman named Esther Brewer.

They had 5 children, Arthur, James, Emma, Delphine and Aaron. Enoch Oliver is believed to be Scot/Irish and died of Argue at the age of 49.

Only a little is known about Enoch Olivers children. James married Mary Davenport and he is buried in Wilkes-Barre.

Emma is buried in Philadelphia and Aaron in buried in Pittston

Nothing is know at this time about Delphine.

Arthur Oliver is the next in my family line.


My Oliver Family