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Charles Oliver


Charles Oliver was my great-grandfather. Charles married Elizabeth Vanderburg and together they had seven children. Two of the children, Beatrice and Elizabeth died as young children. A son Malcolm,

Was killed in a sledding accident, when he came down a hill on a sled into the path of a trolley car.


The couple had one other son, Arthur Oliver, who married Lenore Jones. They had three other daughters, Jesse, who married John Lipfert. Clara, who married James Elijah Moore and Ruth. Ruth Oliver was my grandmother, she married Vincent Tracy.

Elizabeth Vanderburg Oliver died from complications from heart surgery. Charles later married Mabel Anderson.

Charles was a Episcopal Methodist and lived a 58 Plank St in Pittston Pa. He was known to many people as C. R. Oliver. He held a variety of job, but one of them was for the Pittston Gazette newspaper. I am told he was a witness to the last hanging in Luzerne County, while he was reporting for the newspaper.

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