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Oliver Brother and their wives

  Harry, William, Charles and Samuel Oliver


Arthur Oliver was born October 10, 1837 in Beach Haven, near Berwick. His parents were Enoch and Ester Oliver. Arthur served in Company A 74 Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War. He was mustered out Aug 29 1865. His rank was private. Arthur contacted kidney disease during his time in the Army. He was at Clarksburg, WV, during a rain storm and spent the night laying on the cold ground in the rain and he felt that was the start of his illness.

Arthur married Margaret Lynn, March 31, 1866 in Berwick. He worked as a Stationary engineer at the Jackson & Woodlin Plant. His religion was Methodist Episcopal.

Arthur and Margaret had 4 sons, Charles, William, Samuel  and Harry. Pictured are the four brothers and their wives. Charles Oliver my great grandfather is the second person seated on the right

Arthur Oliver died January 17, 1898 in Berwick and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery . Margaret Lynn Oliver died August 7, 1905 in Scranton after an infection. Margaret tried to remove a corn from her foot with a razor and developed an infection. She had her foot amputated and later her leg before she died.

William Oliver their son was born January 24, 1867 and was married to Annie Sherman. He worked as the Superintendent of a Nut Factory and also belonged to the Prohibition party.

Samuel Oliver married Elizabeth Sponenberg .

Harry Oliver married Elizabeth Webb and lived in Chicago.

Charles Oliver was born December 7, 1869 in Berwick, he married Elizabeth Vandenburg and had seven children. He married Mabel Anderson after Elizabeth died in 1926. Charles died December 21, 1946 of heart failure.